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Prada and Adidas are launching a collaborative NFT project.


Marking the launch of their new collaboration, the two brands are inviting their communities to join the NFT initiative, which is open to all.

Prada & Adidas: The NFT Project Open Metaverse.

A few days ago, Prada and Adidas unveiled the third part of their partnership, which was established this time About capsule display recycled nylon. During the presentation, the two entities also signaled an upcoming initiative in Web3: it is now being implemented through a project implemented in partnership with Polygon Studios from January 24th.

Prada Adidas NFT
© adidas / Prada

This drop, Prada and Adidas wanted that community Inviting their audience to participate in creating a work of art. Concretely, participants who hold a digital portfolio will be able to present an image inspired by the Re-Nylon collection. Thus, the queue is merged.

3,000 of them will then be selected “at random”, and the organizers selected, while the selected profiles will be able to return – on January 26 and 27 – to the site designated to convert their creation to NFT for free. Eventually, the 3,000 images will also be combined into a single NFT powered by digital artist Zach Lieberman.

Solidarity work and joint rewards between shareholders.

NFT’s joint artwork will then be auctioned off on the SuperRare platform from January 28-31. At the end of this sale, 80% of the amount will be donated to the Slow Factory educational organization, 5% will go to Zach Lieberman and The remaining 15% will be shared among the participants. Note that each contributor will retain all ownership rights to their individual NFT visuals, which they can either keep or resell; If resold, 2.5% of the amount will automatically be donated to Slow Factory.

This shared ownership, made possible by Web3 technology, represents a cultural shift in favor of creators’ rights, at the heart of the crypto arts movement.He points to adidas, which launched its first NFT collection “Into The Metaverse” at the end of 2021. Holders of these pieces also have privileged access to this new venture with Prada, with 1,000 places reserved for them.

All conditions for participation in the projectNFT adidas to re-source Prada’ he is It can be accessed here.

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New token to pay for Dogamí and Tezos NFTs?


Rarible.com, the leading multi-channel, community-based NFT marketplace, today has integrated $DOGA as a payment method, allowing users to purchase DOGAMÍ and Tezos NFTs.


$DOGA symbol included in Rarible

$DOGA is the original token for DOGAMÍ, the largest NFT-powered AR mobile game ever published on the Tezos blockchain. As part of this first listing, the DOGAMÍ community can now make purchases directly at $DOGA rare, provided that collectibles are listed in DOGA dollars by sellers. This includes Dogamí Puppies of the Alpha 1 and 2 series, DOGA Puppies and accessories Gap X Dougami It was recently minted and released this month.

The latter is a capsule collection of 12,000 NFTs for Dogamí personalization and was made in collaboration with GAP. Every piece of clothing and accessory has in-game perks, and the sale broke records for both GAP and DOGAMÍ, selling out in less than 4 hours.

Rarible.com supporte the Tezos blockchain sur sa place de marché depuis décembre 2021, mais cette récente intégration facilite l’accès des utilisateurs à l’ensemble de la collection DOGAMÍ avec le token proprietaire du jeu. Au total, deux places de marché prennent désormais responsible for Doja dollar This listing marks the first time that the token has been granted an interest on an external platform, thus extending its reach outside the DOGAME ecosystem.

The platform’s 2.5 million monthly users can simply log into Rarible with their favorite Tezos wallet and enjoy seamless DOGA dollar payments for any virtual companion (Dogamí) or addon that can be used in the future game. This integration also allows users to buy and sell all Tezos-based NFTs at $DOGA.

At the heart of the DOGAMÍ ecosystem

$DOGA is the original token for the DOGAMÍ ecosystem and is based on the standard Tezos FA1.2 token. It is essential for users to access the Petaverse, acts as a digital receipt, offers governance features, and can be battled for additional rewards.

It can be obtained through Gate.io, Vortex AMM or purchased with a credit card at DOGAMÍ Market.

Our team is committed to empowering the individual communities that make up the NFT ecosystem, and a large part of that mission is ensuring that the Rarible platform offers features that support users. said Alex Salnikov, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Rarible. ” Incorporating $DOGA as a form of payment into our marketplace, and increasing access to DOGAMÍ assets, is an important achievement for the Rarible and DOGAMÍ teams. We look forward to working with more groups and short-term projects to improve the NFT experience. »

We are pleased to partner with Rarible, one of the world’s leading NFT markets. This is the first time that DOGA payments have been made available in dollars outside the DOGAMÍ marketplace, and Rarible’s 2.5 million visitors per month can use it. Rarible represents an important step in the development of our $DOGA token ecosystem. – Kristofer D. Penseyres, co-founder and CBO of DOGAMÍ


DOGAMÍ is the first NFT mobile multiplayer game in augmented reality. You can adopt and raise your 3D dog and earn $DOGA in Petaverse. The company was founded in mid-2021 by Max Stoekel (CEO, formerly BCG), Bilal Alami (Chief Technology Officer, Blockchain Entrepreneur), Adrien Magdalene (COO, formerly Lamaze, Pet Chain Entrepreneur) and Christopher de Benceres ( CBO, formerly Sony Pictures, Branding and Partnership Expert). It is supported by a European team of more than 35 people, including technical director Gregory Magado (formerly Ubisoft). The company has successfully raised $6 million from world-renowned investors such as Ubisoft and Animoca Brands, founders of The Sandbox. First NFT deposit worth bronchoalveolar, consisting of 12,000 dog avatars, sold out within a few hours, propelling it to the top spot in terms of trading volume on the major NFT Tezos platforms. For more information, please visit the website dogami.com Follow the team on Twitter at @dogami and Instagram at @Dogami.

About Rare.com

rare It is a multi-channel, community-centric marketplace for NFTs. Launched in 2019 by Alexei Valin And the Alex SalnikovRarible provides a platform for artists and collectors looking to create, collect, and trade digital collectibles. Since its inception, Rarible has grown rapidly and has become one of the best known and highest ranked NFT projects on the market, backed by Venrock and CoinFund. For more information, please visit the website www.rarible.com Follow the team on Twitter at @rare and Instagram at @rare.

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Mike McGlone is still optimistic!


Friday 09 September 2022 7:00 PM ▪
Accurate reading – by
Cedric Aimee Gulang Ovallabin

The crypto world is enriched every day with new virtual currencies. Despite the technological innovations of new projects, bitcoin is still the standard for cryptocurrencies. Anyway, that is the view of Mike McGlone, a financial analyst at Bloomberg who participated in the organization’s Crypto Outlook report. Take the opportunity, on LinkedIn and Twitter, to remind that bitcoin has a specialty beyond other digital currencies. According to him, the queen of cryptocurrency has the potential to outperform even when classic stocks are at an all time low.

Bitcoin prediction
Bitcoin (BTC) Will Return to Top According to Mike McGlone

Bitcoin may do well despite classic stocks drop

It’s no secret, the current situation Cryptocurrencies are still a concern. The value of Bitcoin is far from the standards it was a year ago, stagnating at just under $21,000. in spite of that, Mike McGlone, a raw material expert, wants to be reassured. In the Report Bloomberg Cryptocurrency Forecast Which he shared on Twitter and LinkedIn, talked about the maturity of the major cryptocurrency. In fact, the specialist argues that Bitcoin has the potential to stay on top, even when the classic assets are in a bearish phase. realizes that decisions EDF It will affect the course of the stock market.

The new monetary policy of the US fiscal policeman will be compromise As for BTC, it is currently enjoying a stable performance in the market. In the report, we can clearly read that: “Bitcoin is discounting in a long bull market.” He believes that the return of loan funds to normal will strengthen virtual currencies. The analyst acknowledges that: Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will continue to do their best, outperforming most traditional assets with decreasing volatility. »

Bitcoin back after bear market?

While waiting to find out when the Fed’s tough policy ends, a Bloomberg report tackled the issue of volatility Bitcoin depreciation. She says that Bitcoin will experience inevitable growth over time. In addition, its democratization stabilizes its value: “volatility [du bitcoin] It decreases with increased adoption and participation. » This is the result of the decrease in the supply of Bitcoin. This will cause prices to rise according to the law of supply and demand.

With the new monetary policy adopted by the Federal Reserve, McGlone expects Bitcoin Lows Early Next Year : “I expect bitcoin to bottom out maybe around $20,000 or maybe a little bit less like it did in 2018 and 2013.”


While many believe that Bitcoin is declining, McGlone remains bullish and anticipates a rise in crypto pride. We’ll have to wait for the Fed’s restrictive measures to expire to see if the Bloomberg analyst is right. He believes that as the total supply of bitcoin shrinks, there is a good chance that its value will increase over time.

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NFT – Stan Wawrinka’s virtual tennis tour ‘BallMan Project’ will start soon after game overhaul


A few months after the announcement The Balmain Project, worn by Stan Wawrinkathe creators decided to make a slight development on the gamification side of the concept of NFT dedicated to tennis.

In a few weeks, tennis and NFT fans will be able to purchase 5555 NFT’s Offered for sale in 3 stages (Prices range from 0.08 to 0.125 AED, which is currently between 175€ and 275€).

More than just a numeric set, these will represent NFTs Tennis players have their own characteristics that can evolve according to your activity.

subordinate Virtual Gods You will be allowed to participate in Virtual tennis competitions. Like an online poker tournament, some tournaments will offer money giveaways and can be accessed by signing up, including the registration fee to participate. 75% of this amount will be redistributed to players as a prize pool. Tell us masculier prosperityEntrepreneur and co-founder of this project. Every week, free tournaments will also be offered to players who will also be able to train their avatar every day.

More than just NFT, Ballman . Project And therefore would like to suggest a Real gaming experience. In the game, you will be significantly able to Make purchases to boost your avatar and increase its stats (Strength, speed, mentality, technique, tactics, luck). The results obtained in tournaments will also adjust your stats. What potentially inflates the value of your NFT?

Thus, NFTS owners will have access to NFT Open Series, Virtual Tournaments Who will drive society? Like any NFTThe value of these virtual currencies may or may not increase and may represent an investment opportunity for some, as each owner can resell NFT at any time on the OpenSea Market.

A digital environment (Metavers) allows Ballman . Project To provide opportunities also for different sectors of activity. Recently, teams have entered into partnerships with cyber shoes or SwissBorg (crypto currency).

good plan: To subscribe to the channels Canal +, beIN SPORTS, Eurosport … at the best prices, meet here

Course subscription collapse

Tournament Structure

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