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Project Q – Ubisoft Officializes “Fun and NFT-Free” Guaranteed Battlefield


It no longer exists?

Ubisoft He has a very difficult relationship with multiplayer games. Admittedly, the company made a big hit named rainbow six sig Which now soon displays seven years on the clock. However, along with this huge success, productions whose fate was not so radiant coexist, or do not seem to be heading into the field.

The shock Hyperscape still existAnd the fear of it Roller heroes Not knowing the same disastrous fate, so Ubisoft continues to double down on tracks to try and grab a Fortnite/Overwatch like it does.

If the task is clearly challenging, especially in a time of creativity…, Ubisoft was the first victim of a leak as the company installed in antlers knows very well how to do it. And again, it’s Tom Henderson fromWe owe that indiscretion Which forced Ubisoft to respond and Formalize the development Q . project.

At this very moment, in the hands of the developers of Ubisoft Bordeaux, the title will introduce a new dose of multiplayer in the world of video games that, as we know, is sorely lacking … but it does not matter, because the will of a company to offer something fun is ubiquitous with a game You will not bet on Battle Royale. Several modes will already be a part of it and it will be a matter of Battle Arena where two teams of four players will have to fight a ruthless battle.

However, wrapped in a cartoonish atmosphere is very reminiscent Arena missileAnd the edge bleeding or Knockout City (surnames with very complex destinies…), Q . project It is still in the early stages of its development.

But if it is already possible Registration for the next stages of testing (on me PS4And the PS5And the the computerAnd the Xbox One And the Xbox Series X | s), we can’t help but be wary in light of the game’s first leak that came out in a big way. Of course it’s still early days for the title and there’s no way to judge it right away. Only, given the first promises and the usual jobs (heroes with special power, weapons, and skills), one wonders how the title will be able to stand out from the block (which Ubisoft will also maintain). in the future with Pathfinder »).

Anyway, instead of being affected by exchangeable events, Ubisoft has already announced that there will be no question about NFT… We wish the company that this new attempt will end in success and provide something very interesting to players. Wait and watch…

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From sculptures to NFTs, Jeff Koons is sending his work to the moon


Jeff Mons.

Pace Verso, the NFT show from Pace Gallery, has just been announced “phases of the moon”the first NFT set of Jeff KoonsIn partnership with NFMoon and 4Space.

Inspired by human accomplishments past and future, Jeff Koons chose the moon as a symbol of curiosity and determination. The artist explains: “I wanted to create an NFT project that dates back to humanistic and philosophical thought. Our achievements in space represent the limitless potential of humanity. Space exploration has given us the possibility to transcend the boundaries of the world. These ideas are at the core of my NFT project, which can be seen as a continuation and celebration of humanity’s achievements on our planet and beyond. »

every piece of moon phases Written by Jeff Koons Composed of a Unique Digital Art Piece – NFT – And the from one sculpture linked. You will land with the intuitive Nova-C Lunar Lander, launched from the Kennedy Space Center’s Platform 39A, as part of a completely autonomous mission.

said Jack Fisher, a former NASA astronaut and current vice president of Intuitive Machines. ” The Koons sculptures, which will be documented by NFT and housed in a transparent, thermoformed, sustainable art cube, will be the first artworks to be placed on the surface of the Moon, where they will remain forever. Jeff Koons’ sculptures in Oceanus Procellarum will be located on the surface of the Moon, the aptly named Ocean of Storms. The mission, scheduled for later this year, will mark the 50th anniversary of the United States’ last manned moon landing.

Limited number of copies moon phases It will be available for sale via the Pace Gallery. Proceeds from one of the first NFT auctions will be donated to Doctors Without Borders (MSF). More information about the project Jeff Koons: Phases of the Moon It will be published in the coming weeks On the project website which will describe the artwork, technical and technical operations as well as philanthropic partners and venues. More information to also come on discord from the group.

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Ubisoft Officializes Project Q, a PvP Arena Game (and Without NFT) | Xbox One


Leaks regarding Ubisoft games have escalated over the past few months. one dimension List of games in March and then Pathfinder in April Q . project that was leaked this week as well as Assassins Creed Nexus (VR). Today, Ubisoft has decided to formalize Project Q.

Project Q is a yard game

Instead of waiting for the rumors to continue to spread with all the questions that follow, Ubisoft has taken the lead by announcing their game a bit earlier. Its code name is “Project Q” and it is, as might be expected, a team game played in an arena.

The game is in early development and we will continue to test, so all you can do right now is sign up for upcoming tests: https://register.ubisoft.com/projectq-signup/en-GB

We won’t know much at the moment but Ubisoft still wants to make it clear that this is not Battle Royale and that a variety of PvP modes will be offered with one goal: fun.

The The rumor we mentioned yesterday I mentioned a development made by Ubisoft Bordeaux with two modes, one of which is similar to Battle Royale. Then the question was, as in Overwatch, to choose a hero from among a group of characters with different characteristics and skills. For now, everything indicates that the game will be free and we will continue to follow it closely.

In a gameplay video that Xboxygen was able to reference, Project Q looks like a very colorful third-person shooter with different weapons (hammer, fireworks launcher, etc) and special items like wings that allow you to glide.

Latest information, the publisher claims that it has no plan yet to incorporate NFTs into Project Q. This accuracy may seem trivial, but it shows the harm the subject has caused to the public’s brand perception. Back in January, Ubisoft said players reacted negatively to NFT’s access to Ghost Recon was expectedbut the company would have continued to incorporate NFT into its games.

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A fortune fell from the sky thanks to the NFT Loot – the art of getting rich without understanding how


The saga is not over yet – The NFT frenzy rebounded again. while the platform open sea It broke records in August with a total volume of $3.16 billion, and new rounds of non-fungible tokens of a new type continue to fuel the hype.

Loot, the new NFT project hype right now

Finally, the succession of boring monkeys, art blocks, and other CryptoPunks has finally been discovered. baptized “Loot (for adventurers)”However, this new NFT project has just dethroned its predecessors in a few days.

Released at the end of August by Dom HoffmannBest known for creating the Vine app, Loot is a file Game Hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, which Combines gamification and NFT. When it was launched, the project did not even have a graphical interface. In fact, users had to interact directly with the smart contract of the precious NFTs.

In fact, these NFTs contain a few lines of text that represent Equipment and things that can be used in the game once it is developed and released. yes! Currently, he does not have Loot There is no playable version yet It only boils down to the NFTs that have been created in addition to AGLD symbol game specific.

In a few hours, 7778 NFTs from the project Quiet by the community. For once, Internet users only had to pay network fees to create NFTs. However, the price of the latter exploded very quickly on the Opensea platform.

An example of an NFT Loot showing in-game playable gadgets and items
Example of NFT Loot – Source: Opensea

Therefore, Loot is currently the project larger size in Opensea with 55103 ETH in volume during the last 7 days, i.e. 1600% increase during this period. At the time of this writing, it was Minimum price For one of these NFTs is 10.5ETHwhich is close to 40 thousand dollars.

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Another airdrop for the biggest fun for its community

As we have seen, Project Loot has its own token, AGLD. As is often the case with DeFi or NFT projects, the cryptocurrency in question was distributed to the community via airdrops.

Thus, every NFT Loot holder had a possibility Claim 10,000 AGLD Tokens. for him ATHOn September 3, every AGLD token was worth $7.70. Concretely, each NFT Loot owner had permission Possibility to claim $77,000 in AGLD codes. Since then, the price has dropped to $3.45still points to a nice $34,500 airdrop.

For their part, investors who sold their AGLD portfolio directly to their newly launched claim, when it was only 45 cents, should bite their fingers.

New Lot to Generate

Dom Hoffman felt that this part of society was feeling left behind, so he decided to launch a second series by NFT Loot. what a total 1,316,005 new NFTs So it may be claimed by society, through an authorized contract “temporary loot”but soon the community renamed it “More spoils”.

Since the circulating supply of these new NFTs is dynamic, a new Loot can be minted with each new block on Ethereum. Its creator estimated that approximately 250,000 loot It can be created through this contract every year.

While these new NFTs do not currently provide access to airdrops of AGLD tokens, the community may decide otherwise, Hoffman explained on Twitter.

Post by Dom Hofmann explaining that the AGLD community can expand the pool of AGLD holders
Published by Dom Hoffmann – Source: Twitter

“The community can decide whether Loot, More Loot, or both qualifies for future AGLD claims. The AGLD contract supports any underlying NFT of claims. As a result, nothing prevents the community from deciding to expand the pool of AGLD holders.”

Dom Hoffmann

In fact, the AGLD symbol acts as an a Judgment symbolwhich allows its owners to decide on the evolution of the protocol.

However, early NFT Loot holders fear that Create new NFTs make them Less rare Its value decreases as new Loots are created.

In the end, NFTs are not just about Ethereum. Other blockchains are trying to hook the cart on the road. This is particularly the case in the Internet Computer Price project Which is about to publish 10,000 NFT to its users.

You have the right not to understand anything about the current conditions of Twisted NFTs. On the other hand, it is impossible to miss the crypto revolution as a whole! Take the lead and start accumulating and trading your first bitcoins By registering on the FTX reference platform And get a lifetime discount on your trading fees (referral link).

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The Project Iceman documentary will be funded by the sale of NFT


The adoption of NFTs in the art sector in the broad sense continues to become more democratic, leading to a new form of use. Documentary Film Producers snowman project He decided to finance the film by selling NFT to the public. While it is true that this form of fundraising is not the first, this initiative will have the advantage of presenting this asset class to the world of cinema in a different light.


Access to the first documentary offers of NFT buyers

Anders Hoffmann, nicknamed the Iceman, is best known for attempting to complete the first long-distance triathlon in Antarctica. To do this, he had to swim 3.9 km in icy waters, bike 180 km on a glacier and run 42.2 km. This adventure will soon be shown in cinemas through the production of a document called Snowman project. To this end, the film producers They were selected to raise funds by crowdfunding which will consist of the sale of NFTs.

The move comes after producers rejected an offer of $1.25 million from a major platform. flow on the grounds that he offered them Limited creative freedomInstead, they hope to create a community around the documentary, by allowing NFT buyers to become digital owners of the film. The latter will in particular get Privileges such as access to virtual and physical movie premieres, Access to future NFT events and releases, and ownership of clips from the 10-second documentary.

NFTs in Film Production

A number of films have launched crowdfunding campaigns for NFT similar to those of snowman project . This is especially the case Caladette Partially funded by the Independent Decentralized Names Organization. In exchange for its financing, DAO obtained the right to Show their NFTs in film as part of a product placement agreement.

On the other hand, famous NFT groups like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks have gained representation in Hollywood. The first mentioned is currently the subject of the production of three short films With Coinbase support. We can also cite films likeZero contactwhich were distributed in the form of NFTs last year.

With NFTs, it will now be possible to speed up fundraising for film production by soliciting target audience investment by producers. While providing more creative freedom for the latter, the concept could revolutionize the movie economy, particularly redistributing income to investors.

source : Decrypt

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glyph CT
syllabary writing

Behind the public signature “Redaction CT” are young journalists and authors with specific profiles who wish to remain anonymous because they participate in the ecosystem with certain commitments.

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Where will the growth of Axie Infinity and its AXS cryptocurrency stop? NFT video games are still ahead


And this might just be the beginning – Since the beginning of 2021, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been an endless source of discussion and innovation. One of these innovations is Model play to win. The concept is simple: you earn cryptocurrency or NFT by playing a video game.

AXS tirelessly reaches new heights

Founded in 2018, Sky Mavis It has since become one of the most important companies in the crypto ecosystem thanks to an innovative project: Axi Infinity. This is a game based on Ethereum (ETH) which revolve around NFT. Players must acquire 3 mini monsters in the form of NFTs (axes) that they can pit against each other.

With a purchase price close to $150 to $300 For every NFT monster, starting to play this game is not within everyone’s reach. However, Axie Infinity is not just a game play to earn. Behind this term hides the reason for the success of the project. When you win the battle of Axies or your companion in Axies, you win tokens small doses of love (SLP).

This tempting value proposition has players flocking to over the past few months. According to Sky Mavis, the game currently has it 2 million daily users. At the same time, Axie Infinity generated a transaction volume of more than $2.2 billionaccording to data from CryptoSlam, with the vast majority over the past four months.

AXS vs USDT price in daily time units shows the amazing progress of AXS since the beginning of 2021
AXS rate to USDT (1D)

In addition, the value of AXS, the original token of Axie Infinity, has exploded this year from $0.59 Around January 1 $156 October 4th. So AXS offers a little more performance than that 28000% During the past nine months.

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a16z raises $152 million for Sky Mavis

in Blog post On October 5, Sky Mavis announced the closing of Series B with an amount 152 million dollars. The venture capital giant led this massive funding round Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)sharing ModelAnd the acceleration And the FTX. According to data from The Information, this funding round will transfer evaluation From Sky Mavis to more than 3 billion dollars.

Sky Mavis (Axie Infinity) raises $152 million
Sky Mavis fundraising announcement of $152 million – Source: Sky Mavis

Last June, the company has already raised $7.5 million During the series A. While this number seems quite modest in comparison to the staggering amounts of investment capital pouring into the crypto world, the Roundtable has already brought together many reputable investors, including Mark Cuban And the Alexis Ohanianone of the founders reddit.

With this contribution of new capital, Sky Mavis will focus on several areas of the business. First of all, the company intends to continue its revolution in play to earn With the launch of her new combat system “Axie Infinity: Origin”. This new system will include improvements in graphics and game mechanics, but also a trial period of the game, without the need to purchase Axies.

Then the company also develops a file “K Project” Which seems to be a management and strategy game. In fact, this game takes place in Lunacia and players will be able to build on their plots in order to collect resources and defend themselves against the attacks of other players. The plots are supposed to be NFTs.

Finally, this is not the first time that Andreeseen Horowitz has taken an interest in the world play to earn. In fact, the venture capital giant also participated in fundraising for guild games yieldIt is a project whose economic model benefits from the revolution in gameto earn.

If you’re reading this, it may not be too late to take advantage of an exceptional offer reserved by Ascendex for 400 first user to register On this popular exchange platform! In addition to benefiting from a 10% reduction on their trading fees, you will be offered an additional $5 drop (affiliate link, subject to trading with a minimum of $100, see terms on the site).

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Top 5 NFT Projects of 2022 (Review & Forecast)


With the advancement of technology, NFTs usher in a new phase of the digital world. The global introduction of Facebook’s Meta marks the transition into the metaverse era where enhanced experiences based on NFT will be the cornerstone of next-generation social networks. For example, NFTs serve as valuable carriers of the vast digital social platform in blockchain (P2E) and other interoperable games.

1. CryptoPunks

It is one of the first non-fungible tokens on Ethereum. The project includes 10,000 algorithm-generated 24×24 pixel images of an individual with random features such as hats and tubes. Larva Labs produced CryptoPunks. For the character generator, the team drew inspiration from the London punk scene, films and literature.

For starters, this is one of the first NFT initiatives on Ethereum. It was launched years before the launch of CryptoKitties, a popular blockchain/NFT cat breeding project. Being a pioneering initiative adds value. Second, there are only 10,000 CryptoPunks. This makes collectible cryptocurrencies a rarity.

2. CryptoDragons

CryptoDragons is the Metaverse of NFT Dragons that could change the blockchain industry. Comes out with the first born dragon. The developers of the project offer a rare opportunity to witness the debut of the Metaverse CryptoDragons.

There is a limited set of 10,000 NFT eggs, consisting of normal, epic and legendary dragon eggs. Also, NFT dragons will hatch from NFT eggs. Also, the illustrations of the eggs are AI generated.

3. Deadfellaz

This is a set of 10,000 Zombie NFTs created on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Deadfella is created by combining over 400 distinct properties, including over 50 costumes. With many distinct characteristics, each Deadfella is unique.

The NFT team has announced their 2.0 roadmap, including several exciting project updates. Collaboration with the brand, NFT listed on OpenSea and Nifty Gateway, and a limited number of mugs and T-shirts. The project has acquired 24 parcels from DeadFellaz Decentraland Estate. Unique NFTs are available for purchase on OpenSea.

4. Novatar

The goal of the Novatar project is to humanize the virtual presence and make it look real. Novatar will change physically as it grows and develops. Also, the dynamics of the blockchain allow the avatar to grow or remain an infant, and the decision is up to its owner.

NFT Novatar’s child becomes an adult, which is the industry’s first feature that sets Novatar apart from its competitors. Novatars will allow users to create a new Meta Identity. A person’s Novatar is the only way to get to know himself in the virtual world. Also, like humans, each Novatar will have different facial expressions, professions, and even sexual orientation.

5. MetaHero

Metahero intends to attract the 10 million users of the upcoming cryptocurrency by integrating a meta-scan in the Metaverse. In addition, 3D scanning technology and non-fungible smart contracts (NFTs) are being used in Metahero, a new project on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Metahero uses 3D scanning technology to digitally assess and present real-world objects, creating unique NFTs.

Metahero has partnered with industry leader Wolf Studio, a company whose technology has been used in the music, gaming and fashion industries, to name a few.

warning : The opinions and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Mirror Mag. Nothing in this article should be construed as investment advice. Read also: DOGE Opinion: Ripple CEO believes Dogecoin is not good for the cryptocurrency market.. Mirror Mag encourages all users to do their own research before investing in cryptocurrencies.

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Project Kaito unveils Project NFT featuring an anime series created by Michael Chastain


The Kaito Project is on a mission to end world hunger and bring hope to the desperate, as thirty percent of all sales will be donated to Feed the Children and Mental Health charities.

Project Kaito He launched the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project, which features an animated series created by acclaimed art director and writer Michael Chastain.

– Advertising –

On the right track with its mission to deliver the best to those who need it most, Michael Chasten It announced that Project Kaito would have 7777 in its supply at a free strike price. The beautiful vision of the project rests on its goal of nurturing children while supporting the future of blockchain technology.

“This project is more important than just buying and selling NFTs. We have a higher goal: give hope to the desperate and show the world that we can come together through our different visions,” says Michael Chastain.

MMuxlTYYxpKKz5tKlhS zFPNwrZA72MBO LSILpmdIGufFQoc9SvSvZsH2y5sjQSS

Michael Chastain was born on the 7th of March 1994 in Covington, Kentucky, USA as Michael Alan Chastain. He is an art director and writer. He is a former senior officer on NBC’s Chicago PD and has been married to Abbey Chasteen since 2017.

Thirty percent of all sales will be donated to Feed the Children and Mental Health charities. The team behind Project Kaito aims to apply the power of the Law of Attraction, going above and beyond and giving back to those who need it most.

A bright future for children begins with a vision and commitment to helping them grow and meet their mental health needs. Hunger and food insecurity are increasing, and children are the victims of all these challenges. This is where The Kaito Project comes in,” says Michael Chastain.

When children do not have enough to eat or the food they do have lacks nutrients, malnutrition and chronic health problems become a serious, life-threatening reality. Project Kaito aims to bridge the gap NFT Space to achieve a global commitment to help solve this problem.

EE0P6S8j TiBIYqsVHB27O Gr o

In just one week, Project Kaito has registered over 7,100 Discord members, many of whom praised the project’s vision of ending world hunger and giving hope to the desperate.

“We are grateful to share this journey with each of you! You inspire me every day, and I wouldn’t be here without you,” Michael Chastain said.

Amazing things are still waiting for the project, says Michael, and the team is ready to make more gifts and announcements in the coming weeks and redefine encryption outer space.

One community member said, “So proud to be a part of this family! Thank you, Kaito, core team, language moderators, and community ambassadors! Without your hard work, this project wouldn’t be as good as it really is!

Those who want to feel the beauty of the Project Kaito community and stay updated can join the Discord channel to get started. Others interested in learning more about the Kaito Project can visit Website for more information.

Media connection
The Company’s name: Project Kaito
contact person: Michael Chasten
E-mail: Send an email
a call: 3322379733
town: San Francisco
condition: California
nation: United State
Website: http://twitter.com/ProjectKaitoNFT

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All about the Overwatch designer’s NFT manga collection


Azuki is one of the most popular NFT groups. In just a few months, the project reached a record high and its sales volume on OpenSea exceeded 230,000 ETH. Find out everything you need to know about this formidable group, on its way to taking off the Bored Ape Yacht Club…

L ‘NFT Ecosystem It is growing rapidly, and hundreds of new projects are created every day. however, Some are more successful Thanks to its quality, its originality or simply its beauty.

Within a few weeks, he quickly became Azuki One of the most popular groups. these hand drawn samurai They are already positioning themselves as the next “blue chip” NFT project.

What are Azuki NFTs?

Azuki group collects a group of 10,000 avatars for NFT Based on Ethereum blockchain. Designed by a group of Los Angeles-based artists, It was launched on January 12, 2022.

these gods Get inspired by the aesthetics of mangaAnd soon caught the attention of fans around the world. However, the interest of these NFTs is not limited to their appearance.

Owning an Azuki gives access to exclusive NFT points, Streetwear From collaborations with famous brands, to live events and much more.

Buyers become members of Garden: a virtual space Presented by the creators as “a corner of the internet where artists, builders, and enthusiasts… from web3 Together to create a decentralized future.”

As with most NFT kits, every Azuki comes with 12 randomly generated themes Regarding her hairstyle, clothing, accessories or background.

Who are the creators of Azuki?

azuki team

Azuki is a project created by Start Churi Labsunites many members with long experience in coding, art or games.

Everyone united to create a premium brand in metaverse. The Most of the members are anonymousBut the quality of their work does not go astray.

The founder of the project is known as Alias ​​Zagabond on Twitter. He was going to work at companies like Google and in many decentralized projects.

Includes other members Principal designer HochibuiSoftware Engineer Location Tba who worked at Facebook, or Engineer 2 PM.FLOW.

The team wants to keep it Part of the mystery about his identityexplains that The magic of the project is not related to our identity and past experiences “.

One of the founders of the project is Arnold Tsang, famous concept artist Based in Toronto, Canada. He is particularly well known for his past work in the video game industry, and in particular in Overwatch Blizzard.

Their goal is to create much more than just a digital collection. They want to create a complete brand with clothing line In development, possibly TV shows and movies.

Azuki NFTs Price Evolution

nft . groups

When the Azuki Collection was launched on January 12, 2022, each of the group’s 8,700 . avatars were At $3400. Within a few minutes, everything was sold for a total of $30 million.

Then, after the public sale, the project creators organized special sale. Kits from NFT Azuki were sold for an additional $2 million.

Since then, after the revelations of the NFTs, the base price of the kit has increased significantly. In less than a month, it has already reached 10 ETH. At the end of March 2022, Azuki’s popularity exploded and Minimum price reached 40 ETH.

rare azuki

The The most expensive NFT Azuki to date It is #9605, sold for 420 ETH, equivalent to 1.4 million dollars in time. In a short time, this NFT project has reached unprecedented heights.

Why this success?

Azuki NFTs quickly became fairly popular Skip some major projects In terms of sales volume.

Within a few months, this project had amassed a large community. It is considered “Blue Chip” in the NFT worldalong with other popular groups Like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.

At the time of this writing, it was Sales volume exceeded 190,000 ETH Or the equivalent of $540 million at the current price.

Several factors explain this great success. First, Technical direction of the project Appeals to a lot of people. The manga style is very popular, and hundreds of projects have been inspired by it after Azuki. The group is especially popular with the Asian community.


Also, according to Cang himself, the Azukis seem to fit in the matter Rebel culture of skaters And in the coding community. So the stars were so well aligned to allow for this massive success.

The Marketing strategy From the project it seems to be paying off. Once the collection started to take off, the design team announced an airdrop of the carriers to reward their loyalty, taking the Azuki brand to new heights.

Another success factor is Project technical operation. The group was minted using ERC721A token standard : copy of ERC721. This was the standard Created by Chiru Labs To allow users to mint multiple NFTs in a single transaction, to reduce gas charges and shorten the minting period. Today, more than 27 NFT projects use this standard.

According to the opinion of many NFT experts and collectors, Azuki may even beat the bored monkey yacht club in popularity.

What is a garden?

the garden Azuki Metaverse Project. NFT holders can access this virtual world and receive airdrops, invitations to live events, and much more.

inside the garden, Art, culture and society Merge to create magic. The boundaries between the physical world and the virtual world have been erased and the rules rewritten.


Benz Neft

The BEANZ group is Azuki related side project. However, few details have been released yet. The NFTs themselves are not detected.

Beans were live Airdropped to Azuki carriers March 31, 2022. Both received two brand-new NFTs, but couldn’t see them. At the moment, the base price of BEANZ is 5 ETH, or about $14,000.

According to the creators, benz A small species that grows in garden soil. is being The companion is in his DNA, but some like to kick that in on their own. They are driven by a desire to help, but some BEANZ members feel called to pave their own path. vague description…

Users have the ability to pair their BEANZs with Azuki without changing the original NFT. Until now, ONLY TWO OF THE TEN CHARACTERS BEANZ been detected.

How to buy NFT Azuki?

The two most popular platforms for buying Azuki NFTs are LooksRare and OpenSea. The collection is available by clicking on this link. Should Connect your wallet MetaMask, Coinbase or any other crypto wallet on the chosen platform.

To find the group, Just type “Azuki” In the search bar and go to the official validated group with a blue icon. Choose the NFT you want to buy, and click the buy button.

Azuki Creator has acknowledged giving up 3 old NFT projects

On May 10, 2022, a The creator of Azuki, nicknamed Zagabondthrough a blog post Abandon previous NFT projects fraudulently.

Before Azuki, Zagabond reveals that he worked onIt is the projects of CryptoPhunks, Tendies and Cryptozunks. However, all of these projects were abandoned by their founding teams.

According to Zagabond, “ During these formative times, he It is important that the community encourages creative people To innovate and experiment. Every experience comes with basic knowledge “.

Despite this attempt to set the record straight, Zagabond admitted it The NFT community angered. This blog post revives the discussion about NFT Tricks

quickly, The price of the Azuki floor on OpenSea has collapsed From 19 ETH (about $42,000) to 10.9 ETH (about $24,000). As of May 12, 2022, it is currently down to 9 ETH, or about $18,000…

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Project Q: No NFT Confirmed in Ubisoft’s Future MOBA


We were talking about it just a few days ago, Ubisoft He’s working on a secret project codenamed “”Q . projectThe latter is no longer a secret today since then, in the face of his revelationsfrom the inside Tom HendersonThe studio decided to play the surprise reveal card by officially revealing their future game, at least in part.

What do we know more about Project Q than Our latest article on this topic ? Let’s see it together.

“We know you know…”: An unexpected but honest announcement from Ubisoft.

What awaits us at Project Q

still in progress Currently in the internal testing phase, Project Q will be as planned PvP is similar to Battle Arena. On the other hand, and contrary to what the leaks suggest, there will be There is no Battle Royale mode in the game. Here are all the official details we have:

  • Project Q is actually a code name, it will be for the game Official name still unknown
  • It will be released on the following platforms: PS4And the PS5And the Xbox OneAnd the Xbox Series X | s And the the computer
  • You can register at Ubisoft website To receive news about the version you are interested in and possibly participate in future testing phases
  • PvP will be at the heart of the gameplay but The “fun” aspect is thrown. We can conclude that the game is not particularly competitive and has no ambition on the part of e-sports.
  • There is no Battle Royale
  • No NFTs

This information already allows us to peek into the future game from Ubisoft in more detail. In the end, there won’t be two modes available, but a priori more number of which Battle Royale will not be a part. On the other hand, the Battle Arena aspect has been widely introduced, so the game is really designed in that direction. We have already asked ourselves in our last article: Can we really compete with him league of legends ?

As far as the technical aspect is concerned, the promise of release on all modern media, considering PS4 and Xbox One, is a treat. remains to be known If the game is going to be multiplatform, which would be perfect. One can ask a question about communication about NFT which arrives quickly in the project announcement. The reason is simple: a large part of the community was afraid that “Project Q” would refer to “quartz projectUbisoft’s cryptocurrency.

Project “Q” for “Quartz”? According to Ubisoft, no. Phew.

Ubisoft confirms this: There is no NFT in the game

In the comments of the official tweet we notice youExtreme fear on the part of society : Introducing NFT into the game. One user wrote that ‘Q’ could probably represent ‘quartz’, as we’ve already seen in various discussions about Leaks Several days ago.

In December 2021, Ubisoft Quartz coin announced and activated in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The players were very unhappy about it. With “Q” in the new game’s codename, they feared the return of this coin. But the studio confirms it:

We have no plans to add NFTs to this game, you can learn more by registering and participating in the following quizzes!

NFTs in the Q . project

You can register for these test stages via The above link In the list of official details. Anyway, Project Q seems to be getting a lot clearer and Ubisoft has decided on itInvolve your community at largeBoth in terms of decisions or testing. So we can hope for a good PvP that might allow you to relax between two LoL games!

Play Station

Good news for PC gamers who want to play with the console, and more specifically with the PlayStation 5 hardware. The DualSense update allows to improve the performance it offers.

While the sequel to the Splatoon saga has just announced the release date for the third installment, Nintendo is offering players the chance to get the “Octo Expansion” downloadable content for free under certain conditions. Games with Agent 8 and extensive knowledge about Splatoon is yours!

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